Our institution comprises a UNIVERSITY, an ACCREDITATION and


UAPCU was established by the signing of few chosen Egalitarians’ Collaboration Agreement for Humanity and Peace in higher education. Agreed in one vision and mission to implement the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

UAPCU was registered by UNION OF INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS (UIA) Org ID AA1186 , Type G .Type G : Internationally-oriented national organizations: Includes bilateral bodies, organizations with membership or management structure limited to a single country yet name or activities indicate an international character, and national bodies with formal links (member, funder, partner) with a body of the UN system or other international organization


In 1949, representatives of the UIA, the United Nations, and the Interim Committee of Non-Governmental Organizations met and decided not to attempt to rebuild the UIA as a federation of international associations, but to retain its title and its program as a center for documentation, study, service, and the promotion of closer relations between international associations. 1950 Resolution 334 B (XI) of the UN Economic and Social Council was adopted which established cooperation between the United Nations and the UIA.

UAPCU is committed to honesty, accountability and transparency in all our endeavours. We are there to advocate for Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, Humanitarian actions, as well as provide a worthwhile quality service for everyone. We are a highly respected educational institution that recognizes the worth of all individuals through certifications and awards, providing opportunities to attain excellent education through vocational and professional skills training, full participation in culture, universal access to research and education – as to drive a new long and distinct period of development, growth and productivity of every individual in the community and the world at large.

UAPCU Accreditation is an internationally renowned quality standard for schools, colleges, universities, training organisations and online and distance education providers. UAPCU has been formed to bring independent information to both the student population and the wider higher education world, through its international accreditation service with well-defined and objective benchmarking. Accreditation through UAPCU will help students and parents make a more informed choice and will also help schools, colleges, universities, training organizations and online and distance education provider, demonstrate to the international student body that they are a high-quality institution. Our accreditation allows students to gain a realistic and honest picture of what an institution is really like in terms of quality, resources,  student support and ethics.

The UAPCU Model United Nations Conference was held online to reach out to the whole world, due to this situation  happening COVID 19. Themes on Global Management to participate in the Sustainable Development Goals specifically in the world of education.


UAPCU as an Institutional Signatory, was committed already in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. The results of this progress report on SDG integration in the higher and further education sector are incredibly encouraging. There has been a big increase year-on-year in tangible contribution to the SDGs in each university and college that has reported. These contributions are forward-thinking, engaging and innovative and we are excited to see them develop as we too participate in, with our own best. But there is still much to do.


“The world is getting browner, more feminine and with a bigger heart. People are acting more everytime with their beliefs & hearts, but Winners will be those who understand inclusion.” Prof. Dr. Sheryll Francisco


OWNER – Founder & CEO, UAPCU University International

UAPCU – Universal Association of Professional Colleges and Universities

[Philippines, National and International]




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