UIPM has been accredited by UAPCU Number 2000-HE-DE-874562 (CPD  Accreditation Group) in London-United Kingdom. UIPM (Universal Institute of Professional Management ) has been the leading innovator of flexible study for over 17 years because we’re committed to helping busy adults study from anywhere. Online study can also be referred to as ‘distance education’ (sometimes also off-campus education, or external study) and provides an opportunity for you to study without having to physically attend a campus.​At UIPM, online study is about the kind of flexibility and support that can only come from a university that has long understood the challenges faced by adults studying from home.Qualities that are making UIPM (Universal Institute of Professional Management)

the best comparing to all other universities – Modern educational approach- No educational discrimination – Lowest and the most affordable costs for higher education – No gimmicks – No overinflated costs, websites :


Online education is the future of education system It’s a changing world. We live in era of technological innovation, digitization and an internet boom, and the education sector has evolved to a stage which would hardly have been believable a few years ago.Change is often inumbrated by resistance, and bringing about any change to education, likewise has been no simple task. Only a systemic change could prompt the establishment of new teaching methodologies and the application of advanced technology in education.But despite challenges, online learning is making tremendous progress in permeating all pillars of education, from corporate learning, to higher education, to K-12 schooling.

Leaders in these areas have discovered some significant ways in which online learning is better than in-person learning, and as a result we’re seeing the widespread implementation of connected technology to drive education initiatives. With the advent of digital innovation and e-commerce, the world is your oyster where you can get almost anything and everything at the tap of your finger, without leaving the comfort of your home.There is nothing in this world you cannot get online, so why not education? Gone are the days when the only way to learn and advance was to sit through tiresome lectures.


EUROPEAN DISTANCE AND E-LEARNING NETWORK – EDEN has been accreditation by UAPCU Number 2245-HE-DE-876754 (CPD Accreditation Group), EDEN is supported by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union. The publication reflects the authors’ view, the EACEA and the European Commission are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.The field of research and practice in open, distance and eLearning has been one of the fastest growing in Europe over the last two decades. From just a small number of institutions in the early nineties, spearheaded by the European open universities, the field has transformed into a large community involving all sectors of education and training and most of its institutional and individual players.

This astonishing evolution can be best represented by the successful development and important legacy of the European Distance and E-learning Network (EDEN). The association, originally designed to contribute to the eradication of the remaining boundaries of a divided Europe with the input of distance education, gradually evolved to become one of the world’s leading, largest and most powerful networks in the feld of open education and technology-enhanced learning.


National Computer Science Academy (NCSA) has been accreditation by UAPCU Number 2234-HE-DE-875047 (CPD Accreditation Group)

NCSA is an online education company dedicated to providing quality computer certification and training products and employee assessments to small and large businessess and everyone from beginners to dedicated IT professionals.

NCSA is an online education company dedicated to providing quality computer certification and training products to everyone from beginners to dedicated IT professionals. By visiting our site you have taken the all important first step towards improving your job skills and marketability. An NCSA certification proves you have the skills required to succeed in today’s increasingly tight job market and earns you instant respect for your computer skills from quality employers nationwide.


Udemy has been accreditation by UAPCU Number 2034-HE-DE-873509 (CPD Accreditation Group).

A Udemy course gives students the opportunity to learn actionable skills that will help them in their career, hobbies, and life. Instructors from around the world (like you!) teach everything on Udemy–from baking to coding, engineering to meditation, and public speaking to social media marketing. There’s almost no limit to what you can share with your students.

Udemy courses are primarily video-based and can be 30 minutes to several hours long. Our students want to be engaged and love to apply what they’re learning to their day to day lives. So the most engaging Udemy courses use a combination of different teaching styles and formats and incorporate real world examples, projects, and hands-on practical activities for students to dive into.


TANRI ABENG UNIVERSITY has been accreditation by UAPCU Number 2221-HE-UN-876783 (CPD Accreditation Group)

The True Revolution in Education. Your education is our concern, your knowledge is world benefits.

VISION TANRI ABENG UNIVERSITY Become a World University that produces superior leaders and professional managers and can improve the welfare of society by 2027

MISSION TANRI ABENG UNIVERSITY Educate future generations of future leaders, who teach and transform management and leadership skills. Promoting management as a profession through in-depth study with research and publications to meet the needs of companies, industries and governments. Setting up the nation’s future leaders with the best talent qualities,


UNHASY has been accredited by UAPCU  Number  2215-HE-UN-874576  (CPD Accreditation Group) . UNHASY is a college founded by the caretaker of pesantren Tebuireng Jombang, KH. Muhammad Yusuf Hasyim. Before becoming a university, the campus in the complex is Tebuireng boarding school named Institut Keislaman Hasyim Asy’ari.

Unhasy, actually not the name of a new college in the ranks of higher education in Indonesia. As a pesantren-based college, Unhasy officially organized education for undergraduate candidates since June 22, 1967. On September 1, 1988, a college founded by KH. Yusuf Hasyim, the caretaker of Pesantren Tebuireng Jombang, turned into the Islamic Institute of Hashim Ash’ari (IKAHA). The change from UNHASY to IKAHA was based on the Decree of the Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia No. 3 of 1987 on Private Islamic University (PTAIS).
Based on the Decree of the Education Minister of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 278 / E / O / 2013, Unhasy was officially reborn. Change from Ikaha to Unhasy along with the decline of Letter of Decision (SK) of the Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia on the establishment of Unhasy with 15 courses. The rebirth of UNHASY is welcomed by a number of steps, one of which is the integration of religious curriculum with non-religious curriculum in Religious Studies Program, as well as integrating non-religious curriculum with religious curriculum in non-religious study program.
The integration of the curriculum, according to Unhasy Rector, Dr. H.C. Ir. KH Salahudin Wahid (Gus Sholah), done to improve the quality of students so that later not awkward when plunge in the community. The great ideals that carried the College under the auspices of this Tebuireng Pesantren is to print the clergy scientists, scientists and scholars. 



EIT Indonesia has been accreditation by UAPCU Number 2072-OR-NGO-679438 ( CPD Accreditation Group )

The presence of EIT Indonesia (see Legalization) very precisely in order to succeed on Sustainable Development in Indonesia, is an independent law firm that is partnering with the government, and his whereabouts adoption of Regulation (EC) No 294/2008 of the European Parliament and the Council, on March 11, 2008 establishing the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, (09/04/2008 -EN-Official Journal of the European Union-L 97/1).

• Vision is a nation characters  building with education and sustainable development.

• Mission is to contribute to sustainable economic growth Indonesia and competitiveness by strengthening the capacity of community innovation. By promoting and integrating higher education, research and innovation of the highest standards.

On the basis EIT Indonesia strives to:
1. Address the long-term strategic challenges and innovate in Indonesia, including those already identified at international level. Thus, EIT Indonesia should promote periodic dialogue with civil society.
2. Give priority to the transfer of education, research and innovation are higher in the context of business and commercial applications, as well as to support the creation of start-ups, spin-offs (a source of additional income) and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
3. Operate through excellence, autonomous partnership of higher education institutions, research organizations, companies and other stakeholders in the form of non-governmental network.
4. Academic reward to individuals who excel in their activities to pursue, so the above achievements can give to the treasury of scientific disciplines.
5. The long-term strategic and sustainable in the innovation process.

6. Raising increasing financial contributions from the private sector and from income generated by its own activities. Therefore, the expected industrial, financial and service sectors will contribute significantly to Indonesia EIT budget.  http://eit-indonesia.org


GPBC ( Global Property Bank Centre ) has been accredited by UAPCU Number 2220-HE.DE-879223 ( CPD Accreditation Group )London , UK

Encouraged by this condition and felt the difficulty of seeking professional ready-made property, then established GPBC (Global Property & Bank Center) which will hold a special Education in the property industry. GPBC was founded by three institutions namely Tanri Abeng University (TAU), Alliance Property & Finance Journalists / AJPK (www.propertynbank.com, www.myhomes.tv, and www.benchmarknews.co) and Ayla & Associate. They are aware of the low development of human resources in the field of property marketing and others. Which was then accredited by UAPCU Number 2220-HE.DE-879223 (CPD Accreditation Group) London, UK. www.uapcu.org.
To meet the demands of the fast-paced yet high-tech property industry, GPBC offers a model of practical yet highly educated education with the brand “School of Property & Bank”. So graduates of “School of Property & Bank” will be accepted by the working environment, especially property companies and banks that need a lot of marketing personnel project. WHO IS A GPBC (Global Property & Bank Center)
GPBC is an institute / institute organizer of “School Property & Bank”. Since its founding in 2017, GPBC’s commitment has been to graduate middle and higher education graduates to be accepted by property developers, consultants and brokerage offices as their marketing staff. In accordance with the demands of international professional standards, “School Property & Bank” has prepared its graduates to become professional property agents with national certificates and has a competent profession with license from BNSP (National Agency of Professional Standards). So graduates of “School of Property & Bank” can be accepted globally.


STIKES has been accredited by UAPCU Number N2078-HE-UN-679523 ( CPD Accreditation Group ). SPK Kepanjen officially get its operational permission from the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 111 / Kep / DIKNAKES / VII / 88 and Decree of Bupati Dati II Malang, Number: 151/1987.  Based on SK Mendiknas no. 259 / D / O / 2008 dated December 23, 2008, AKPER Malang Regency turned into Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan (STIKES) Kepanjen which was inaugurated by the Regent of Malang on July 25, 2009. Currently STIKES Kepanjen has 2 Study Programs namely S1 Nursing and DIII Nursing .Currently STIKES Kepanjen has 2 (two) Study Program:

1. Diploma III (DIII) Nursing, 2. Undergraduate of Nursing, The lecturers consist of permanent and non permanent lecturers who have a minimum education qualification of S1 & S2 Nursing / Health competent in their field.


ASEAN ACADEMY OF FINANCE AND MANAGAMENT has been accredited by UAPCU Number 21345-CE-AC-675643 ( CPD Accreditation Group )London , UK, and AAFM part of The AAPM AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT ® GAFM/IBS International Board of Standards is the first graduate global Board of Standards for project management industry professionals to earn Accreditation under the TUV-OE European Standards for ISO 9001 Certification and ISO 29990 Certification. AAFM have been accredited by UAPCU Universal Association of Professional Colleges and Universities

Our graduate designations are for those with an accredited degree or vast PM experience. Rise above the rest with a specialized Masters Certification graduate credential. In the project management employment world, candidates should earn or attain extra and unique PM qualifications and credentials because everybody seems to have the basic project management certification.


AUI (ASEAN UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL has been accredited by UAPCU Number 2230-HE-DE-879253 (CPD  Accreditation Group) in London-United Kingdom. Asean University International (AUI) offers distance education degree programs for adult learners at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral level As a non traditional university, with self paced programs taken online by correspondence or home study, online campus. AUI was founded in 2013, and has produced Bachelors, Master, and Doctoral, Professor Degree of domestic and Overseas. AUI, online study is about the kind of flexibility and support that can only come from a university that has long understood the challenges faced by adults studying from home.


Global Youth Leaders (GYL) has been accredited by UAPCU Number 21565-CE-AC-675587 ( CPD Accreditation Group )London , UK, and an organization built upon instilling values of leadership, entrepreneurship, and creativity to the youth of today. Recognized as important skills that can be used in daily life as well as the future, this organization aims to integrate learning with excitement as a ways to reconstruct the youth’s views on traditional learning experiences.

Connecting youth from all over the globe, GYL links outstanding individuals together in a global network. Evoking a sense of camaraderie, the founders of the community are also apart of Generation Z, allowing youth to feel comfortable and supported during activities. Aside from learning, GYL also places heavy emphasis on what it is to be a part of Gen Z, by incorporating
technology, self-care, and self-awareness as pillars of a global network. GYL strives to serve as a platform for young individuals around the world to cultivate their ideas through encouraging leadership, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

Mission: To give a chance for the youth to come together and build themselves through leadership, entrepreneurship, and creativity.
Vision: To create a global youth network united by leadership, entrepreneurship, and creativity.



Global Profeneur University  has been accredited by UAPCU , Number : 2220-HE.DE-879357 . GPU awards degrees and conduct courses with certification through online learning. With a variety of online programs in diverse areas of study, you can meet your educational goals, earn your degree, and advance your career.

Online learning means that your educational tool is based on (and accessible from) the Internet. 

It’s a “cloud-based” education solutions. Online learning programs are anytime / anywhere tools, which also means learning from home.

You can study at your own pace, fitting your studies around your life.  For busy people, this form of learning is the ideal alternative to being physically on campus.

So…Think of being ‘off-campus’ as the new ‘on campus’!

You can build on your Global Profeneur University studies, too – for example, you can start studying for a course with certificate, and the credit can be used to switch to a degree.